Nicole Struppert es la fundadora y editora de Women in Photography.  Un plataforma que creo hace aproximadamente dos años al darse cuenta de las dificultades que tenían las mujeres para dar a conocer su obra. En ella, Nicole busca inspirar, alentar y mostrar el trabajos de mujeres fotógrafas independientemente de si trabajo el retrato, reportaje...

Aquí os dejo parte de la entrevista, podeís encontrarla  completa en Women in Photography



Hello Irene, thanks for submitting your work. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I live in Barcelona, my home town. I believe that where you are born and grown up determines, in some way, who you are. Since my youth, I wanted to travel and discover others countries to understand more about cultures, beyond my own. 

My love to nature is very strong. My big passion are horses, where I developed a way to interact with them. Some of my photos with horses won prizes and being published in magazines.

When did you first become interested in photography as a mode of expression?
The first time I became aware of photography was when I had to stay at full rest, for several weeks.  It was during that period, that I began to take pictures of myself. After that, I began to work on self-portraits as a form of expression, recovery and analysis. At the same time, photography became a companion in the resting hours. Since then, the camera has become my best partner. When someone asks me if I feel alone when traveling, I usually think that I do not travel alone, I travel with my camera.

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